Back To Work

Yup, back to work. RC is finished, I’ve had a nice week off (it was great to be home for a week!), but now once again I am on my way South, ready for whatever adventure awaits.

Home was fun, we had a heavy rain warning (not my fault) out the day before pregnancy testing our cows, the chainsaw died (probably not my fault), and a water pipe cut (okay, that one was my fault I gotta admit). Incredibly, my parents still said they look forward to my next trip home…

The next stage of training won’t be as exciting so don’t expect as many posts. Its just an engineering course related to aircraft. I daresay there’ll be some laughs and I’ll keep my ears open for quotables, but otherwise don’t expect much. Oh, and there’s hopefully something exciting planned for this weekend, but that’s saved for another post.

For now, I shall enjoy the few luxuries offered, such as being allowed to use a laptop (some of you can expect a few more emails lol), having my own car, and slightly more freedom.

So, the car. Oh, Mitsi is such a lucky girl. Saturday morning I left home and drove to Masterton, her longest trip with me yet. Also my longest drive yet, and first time driving by myself outside my home town. Went well, no accidents, nothing noteworthy at all really, other than unpleasant weather. One time the rain got really heavy, I was just starting to think I might pull over and wait for it to pass when it eased a bit which was nice.

It was also my first time using my phone to navigate, that was interesting. It took a few back roads and bypasses that I never knew existed, but which meant I skipped a couple of towns that have intersections and roundabouts and all those horrible things. Haha, no, it was scenic and probably did make things faster, so I’m not complaining. Wellington was a challenge, some intersections were too close to give commands between, I learnt I had to glance at the screen to see where it wanted me. Also when I went through a tunnel it lost GPS connection and missed an intersection while it reconnected. But at least for every mistake I made, it just figured a different route. Gotta love electronic navigators… One good thing was that I knew roughly where I was going, but having a rough idea in your head and knowing exactly what to look for on the ground are two different things. Not to mention, when the navigator takes you on a shortcut, you suddenly don’t know where you are, only it does…

The downside was the speed limit. It generally changed the speed limit quite a way before or after the actual road sign, which meant I wouldn’t slow down when it wanted or I would speed up before it wanted, then it would start setting off alarms saying I was speeding.

(And now I’m back.) Strange, the past 14 weeks, I managed to control myself and not get homesick. I just prevented it, I guess, I knew if I started then it wouldn’t get any easier. However, when I first drove away from home, then the last 20 minutes driving from Picton, and finally unpacking just now, I got the most homesick I’ve ever been. Strange, I enjoy it here, everyone’s great, I like my job, but, yeah, there’s kinda this big unknown of what’s ahead, and for the first time, I felt homesick. Thankfully I’m fine now, not that I don’t want to miss home, its just, when I miss it, I really miss it.

Today (Monday) was good, it was mostly admin, learning what it is that we have to learn, touring round hangars etc. It’s a reasonably hard course, I need a 70% pass rate just to pass the next 3 months, so don’t get your hopes up for too many posts or anything. For now, though, I have no homework, so let’s catch up on some of those emails, I don’t think I have anything left to add here.

22 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Sounds good. As long as you let us know you’re alive. 😉 Although I do enjoy learning what others are studying.
    The pass rate is high than at uni- here it needs to by 50% overall… hehe. But higher for important course like law and architecture…. 🙂
    I put those posters up in my room by the way- really like them. Now I can look at horses and airforce planes….


  2. Thanks Andrew. Sorry we haven’t responded much lately, we’ve been in Wanaka four weeks. As you know. But we haven’t stopped keeping an eye on you. We’ll be right there, by the runway! Opandoma


  3. May the odds be ever in your favour! No, really, good luck 😊
    I was wondering how you would go, driving all that way when you hadn’t driven for so long. Glad for gps lol, although I couldn’t drive and watch a phone screen lol I’d need a passenger to direct me too 😜


    • It was pretty good actually. I drove home with Dad as a passenger when I got back, so that was a small refresher, and drove to a neighbour’s too. The road to Napier I’ve driven before and is quite familiar, so by the time I got to less familiar stuff I’d clocked up a good 7 or so hours in the past 9 days. The roads are pretty quiet too down to Wellington, so by sleeping in Masterton, I arrived at the worst part fresh and with a lot of recent experience to freshen my driving. Yeah, okay, so I over plan things. I also used the GPS straight away, so I could see how it behaved on roads I know. Also got it sitting perfectly, centre of the dash, pointing straight at me, so easy enough to glance at, same as glancing at your mirrors, you can still see enough road to know where you are, you just don’t study too much. Look for the arrow, note where it goes, that’s it. But nah, all up it was pretty good.
      Worst thing is Blenheim. Blenheim drivers are not like Gisborne drivers. I’ve been honked at 3 times so far, each time I was on a main street during rush hour, traffic is at a standstill, and I let people from side roads in. Not what you do apparently. Oh, and I think you’ve defriended every Blenheimite that existed, indicators aren’t necessary on roundabouts. Sooo frustrating, one roundabout has 5 exits, but it’s still pretty big as the railway goes through the middle of it. Ohhhhh that one is painful, I avoid it when I can. Mum taught me not to trust indicators, but really. I almost pulled out in front of someone, they CHANGED their indicator to exit down the road I was coming in off, then just kept driving round. Others don’t indicate at all, you just sit there and wonder what’s going on in their minds…


      • Mmm, I had to shop around too. In the end I actually found an air vent holder which works pretty well. Little rubber claws grip to the Air vent without blocking it, then a magnet holds a little metal plate you put in your phone. Works very well, I must say, better than anything else I tried. Advantages being the bottom is still open, so I can run a cable to the 12v outlet and keep my phone charged, and also the fact that it’s magnetic it’s very easy to set up or remove, none of that awkward clamp stuff…

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  4. Oh GPS can be awesome or a complete pain lol . . . when they work it’s so much easier to get where you want to go; when they don’t . . . they can lead you to entirely different places than you want to be!! Or take really dumb routes . . . off the main road, a couple side roads . . . back to the main road . . . 😛
    Hope this course goes well for you 🙂


  5. PS: I’m not sure if I should mention this or not lol {don’t post this comment if not 😉 ;P :)}
    In several posts during RC you told us about a girl . . but then you left us hanging unless I’ve missed something? Update? ;P


    • Haha, yeah. Nah, that was never anything, we just worked on a few things together, so I thought I’d mention it to get a bite from my sisters. But now she’s up at Ohakea “observing”, waiting for her med course to start. And I’m back to using Tinder. Not. 😛


      • Haha I thought as much. And your sisters didn’t bite hard enough so you decided just to drop it? ;P
        Ohhh Tinder aye 😛 Hahaha didn’t you know homeschoolers use Family Mingle? ;P ;P Lolz


      • Lol I was gonna ask what was happening this weekend, you said something interesting…so I thought, hmmm lol but obviously it must be another girl we haven’t heard about 😉 Lol

        Oh yeah, Blenheim has been on the news recently for the roundabouts that nobody knows how to navigate lol I never trust people on roundabouts. Us young drivers know how to do it, the older people…not so much.
        Hmm in matamata there’s a train track as you exit a roundabout but not going through the whole thing…that’s stupid

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      • Haha, yeah, another girl, sure… Lol, it was funny this morning, being a weekend, there was no reason to get up. I still woke up at 6, I just don’t sleep in past that, but no one else was up till at least 10… Crazy world. But yeah, now that we have free weekends, every guy is bringing his girlfriend to base and such, there are a crazy number of girls in barracks right now. Oh, and they’re so clingy, uh. No Offence, but when I do actually get a girlfriend, the list of requirements definitely starts with “not overly clingy” 😛

        Oh yup, I think I know the one. Theres a few round home that are similar, I can handle those. But look on Google Earth, you’ll see what I mean. Grove street, near Countdown and the Warehouse. Big roundabout, and the railway goes right through it. Worse still, when approaching from the north you go over a bridge which obscures your vision, you don’t really get much time to “analyse” it so to speak…

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      • Family Mingle is a thing you use to research your family tree, and then just a “family based” social media site, I guess you could say. I’ve never heard that joke in reference to homeschoolers, only the “redneck” rural types… Although, its probably a different sense to what Bee is meaning too…

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  6. Hahaha you guys 😛 Okay so Family Mingle is a (homeschool) spinoff to the dating sight “Christian Mingle”. Links here to see what I’m talking about lolz ;P Also disclaimer, I just like the vids, I’m not endorsing dating sites btw lolz 😉 ;P


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